Hemionitis arifolia (Heart Fern)
Hemionitis arifolia (Heart Fern)

Hemionitis arifolia (Heart Fern)

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The first fern in our collection (that actually doesn't look much like a fern!), and arguably one of the cutest there is! Its shape reminds a heart to someone, and a tongue to others, hence the name! Like all ferns it needs low light and a lot of water, and it's a perfect candidate for your terrarium home where the conditions are ideal! As it's a dwarf fern, it will never grow big, staying under 20 cm, what makes it even a better candidate for your terrarium!

Your plant comes in a 7 cm nursery pot and is approx 15 cm tall.

Light: Low. Never expose it to direct sunlight, it needs indirect diffused light, and is easily burnt. Again, this is not a free pass card to put it in your darkest corner, but you can definitely save that window spot for someone else!

Min light - 50 FC, Good Growth - 100-200 FC

Water: High. It loves moist, but well drained soil, so aim for watering once the top layer of soil is dry, and poke its surface with a chopstick before watering! As it's quite delicate, its roots are more prone to rotting, than other plants.

It loves high humidity, so you're all set if you grow it in a terrarium, but if not - consider investing in a humidifier, or putting your baby on a pebble tray with water!

Pets: Non-toxic to cats and dogs.

See instructions on how to measure your light and properly water your plants in our FAQs Plant Care section