Calathea Orbifolia baby
Calathea Orbifolia baby

Calathea Orbifolia baby

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Another beautiful addition to our baby collection - Calathea Orbifolia!

This one boasts bold and wide light green leaves with darker green stripes throughout the leaves.

They're quite challenging plants for unexperienced plant parents - as they can be quietly dramatic, but who's afraid of a good challenge with such a beauty?:)

Your plant comes in a 7 cm nursery pot and is approx 10 cm tall.

Light: Medium-High. Calatheas are used to growing on the floor of the tropical forest, so extreme levels of brightness are not required. However a good spot closer to the window is essential.

Min light - 200 FC, Good Growth - 400 FC

Water: Medium. The watering might get quite tricky, so this is where you need to experiment a bit with the frequency. Wait for the soil to dry a couple of inches before watering.

It loves and needs humidity, so consider investing in a humidifier, or putting it in your  bathroom with windows!

Pets: Non-toxic to cats and dogs.

See instructions on how to measure your light and properly water your plants in our FAQs Plant Care section