Begonia Silver Spot

Begonia Silver Spot

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What a show stopper this Begonia is with her quirky green leaves, splashed with white paint dots and red underleaves! This is a Silver Spot variety of Begonia Maculatas, and she has a variety of silvery dots of different sizes splashed all over the leaves!

Definitely a conversation starter she will most probably convert all your non-plant loving friends!:) Despite looking like a total queen, she lacks drama and is quite easy to take care of! Join the begonia craze, and get yourself one of these beauties!

Your plant comes in a 12 cm nursery pot and is approx 30 cm tall.

Light: Medium-High. She's not gonna feel good in the dark corner, so find a good bright spot for her, out of direct sunlight. She loves blooming, even in winter, so if you see her flowering - it's a good indication you found a good place!

Min light - 200 FC, Good Growth - 400 FC

Water: Medium. Let the soil dry a knuckle before thoroughly watering again.

Pets: Toxic to cats and dogs.

See instructions on how to measure your light and properly water your plants in our FAQs Plant Care section