Ficus Audrey (benghalensis)
Ficus Audrey (benghalensis)
Ficus Audrey (benghalensis)

Ficus Audrey (benghalensis)

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 Ficus Audrey is predicted to be the new "it" plant (when Lyrata is finally dethroned) - so get on that new craze train early! We're extremely lucky to get our hands on several of them, as they're quite rare in Ireland!

It looks pretty similar to Ficus Elastica however instead of glossy dark green leaves it boasts matte, emerald green veiny ones!

It's a relatively easy maintenance and pretty forgiving to the new plant parents too!

Your plant comes in a 13 cm nursery pot and is approximately 35 cm tall.

Light: Medium-High. As bright as you can get without the direct sun exposure. It will tolerate low light, but might stat losing leaves, and stop growing the new ones.

Min light - 200 FC, Good Growth - 800 FC

Water: Medium. Give it a good soak every time the top inch of the soil is dry.

Pets: Toxic to cats and dogs.

See instructions on how to measure your light and properly water your plants in our FAQs Plant Care section