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Humata Tyermannii - White Rabbit's Foot Fern

Humata Tyermannii - White Rabbit's Foot Fern

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This unusual fern produces furry silvery rhizomes that grow outside of the pot and beautifully cascade over the side giving Humata tyermannii its common names: White Rabbit's Foot, Silver Hare’s Foot and Bears Paw Fern!

This is one of the easiest ferns to grow. It will flourish in a brightly lit spot and as it loves high humidity, is happiest in bathrooms or kitchens - if you have natural light there!

Also this fern looks great in a hanging basket showing off all its glorious features.

Your plant comes in a 12 cm nursery pot and is approx 35 cm tall.

Light: Low. Never expose it to direct sunlight, it needs indirect diffused light, and is easily burnt. Again, this is not a free pass card to put it in your darkest corner, but you can definitely save that window spot for someone else!

Min light - 50 FC, Good Growth - 100-200 FC

Water: High. It loves moist, but well-drained soil, keep it moist most of the time but be careful not to overwater it.

Pets: Toxic to cats and dogs.

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