Pilea Peperomiodes (Chinese Money Plant)

Pilea Peperomiodes (Chinese Money Plant)

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Let us introduce you one of the most sought after plants of today - Pilea Peperomiodes. It's actually a herb (you would never ever tell!), and it grows like one, so it's a great starter plant for even the most unexperienced plant parents - you can propagate it even from a leaf!

It comes in a 14 cm pot and will be approx 30 cm high.

Light: Low-Medium. This beauty will appreciate a brighter spot in your house (no direct sun exposure), but will be quite happy in slightly lower light conditions. Their leg length will be a sign - if it's too leggy, then it's probably a time to get a bit closer to the window.

Min light - 100 FC, Good growth - 200 FC

Water: Rarely and plenty - let it dry between the waterings completely, and water plenty! As all succulents it can tolerate underwatering much better than overwater, as it stores plenty of moisture in its leaves. 

Pets: Non-toxic to cats and dogs, yay!!

See instructions on how to measure your light and properly water your plants in our FAQs Plant Care section