Ponytail Palm (Elephant Foot Plant)

Ponytail Palm (Elephant Foot Plant)

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Such a fun plant to have - who can hold back a smile when looking at that ponytail!

Despite its name Ponytail palm is not really that much related to the true palms (or ponies). Makes a great houseplant as it's extremely hardy - this plant keeps water in the swollen base, that reminds an elephant foot, and grows from those onion-like bulbs, that younger plants have.

In its natural habitat in Mexico it can grow to be up to crazy 9 metres tall, but indoors it will probably grow to be around 1.5 metres, so not going to entirely take over your place :)

It comes in a 12 cm pot and is approx 35 cm tall.

Light: Medium-High.

Requires at least a few hours of direct sun every day. This plant will not tolerate low light conditions.

Min light 400 FC, Good Growth - 800 FC

Water: Low. If in doubt, let it drought as this plant prefer to be in a dry soil. You can care for you Ponytail Palms as it was a cacti or a succulent.

Pets: Non-toxic to both dogs and cats.