Sansevieria Ehrenbergii - Samurai Dwarf
Sansevieria Ehrenbergii - Samurai Dwarf

Sansevieria Ehrenbergii - Samurai Dwarf

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This rare Sansevieria Ehrenbergii is also known as Samurai Dwarf or Sansevieria Samurai.

Known to be almost unkillable (though please don't accept it as a challenge) it's a perfect first child for a beginner plant parent.

Comes in a 9 cm nursery pot and is approx 10 cm tall. 

Light: Low. One of the most adaptable plants, Sansevierias are known to be able to tolerate even no-window bathrooms (please don't do it though!!), but they prefer bright steady light and can tolerate some direct sun. They will thrive in a bit lower light too by giving regular new leaves.

Min light - 50 FC, Good growth - 200 FC

Water: Low. Make sure the soil dries out completely between waterings. While it will survive a drought, too much water will definitely kill it.

Pets: Mildly toxic to cats and dogs. If you have a plant eater in your family - definitely don't get it, however as it takes some dedication and force to chew on those very hardy leaves, many cats and dogs won't even know it's a plant! 

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